Sunday, March 26, 2017

7th Challenge retrospective

Another Challenge is down in the books. For the first time I didn't make my goal. I just had too many other things vying for my attention this year. Still, it was a very productive Challenge and I'm happy with my progress.

The whole bunch, blurry but all there.

EIR Command and velites along with Blood Bowl team.
6mm Sci/Fi and 3mm X-Wings for Star Wars Armada.
Dwarfs (not the cannon).
Two Celt warbands and some Javeliners in front of Uruk-Hai and Trolls.
ECW Pike & Shotte regiment, two extra stands and command.
Role playing characters. There's a nice variety now.
My ugly mug. I'm even wearing my UK sweatshirt in the spirit of cross Atlantic cooperation.
While I didn't manage to make my goal I did enjoy this year a great deal. As always my fellow Challengers blew me away with the quality of their work. I am also not feeling burned out from all of the painting, so hopefully I can keep the momentum going now that the Challenge is over.

This is also the first year that I have been in first place, however briefly.


  1. Goal or no goal, the importance is that you moved a sizable chunk of figures from their unpainted state to painted and had fun while doing so. That is success! Your blue shielded Celts really pop out from the photos.

    1. I agree Jonathan. I'm not too worried about the goal, the competition is really with myself. I also like that blue shielded regiment a lot. Thank you.


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