Monday, March 06, 2017

28mm Velites from Victrix

This entry makes me somewhat ashamed. I had them done two weeks ago but didn't get the basing grass done. I had them done last week but didn't get them photographed.  They are finally on the boards though.

These are eight velites from Victrix (Republican Romans) for use as auxiliaries in my EIR army.

This is my second unit of these. Or fourth depending on whether they are small or very small units in Hail Caesar. Skirmishers are really useful in those rules so more is definitely better.

The unit doesn't need a leader, but I might as well include one in case it is ever a requirement. The Victrix models are very nice. Easy to assemble and easy to paint. The detail is good and the poses work well. Velites are a fluid unit and it is tricky to make models that will work in all of the possible poses that can come out of the box.

These will give me 40 points towards my quickly receding goal. With the addition of my next entry I now have a fully legal army for Hail Caesar.


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