Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Romans Completed

I have finally completed my Romans.  The last bit to be done was the shields.  The transfers gave me fits, but are worth it, in the end I think.  I also added some flowers, while I was avoiding dealing with the shields.

Command.  Additional, flowery, tufts for added awesomeness.

Closeups of the shields.  These are really nice transfers, not enhanced at all by my ham fistedness.  I hope they next unit's come out looking better.  I've learned a lot of lessons, now I just need to apply them successfully.

Now with shields and additional basing.
 These are the transfers discussed here.  The effect is worth the pain, barely.

All in all, these guys are exactly what I always hoped they would be.  I can't wait to get another hundred done.
I am, exceptionally, pleased with Warlord's Romans.  They look just the way I want them to, go together easily and quickly and paint up a dream.  The decals look great and their shortcomings are entirely the fault of the medium, not the supplier.  I'm looking forward to assembling and painting the rest of the army I bought.  I'm also looking forward to adding a couple of units, and some casualties.  And some more legionaries.  And some more veterans.  You get the idea.


  1. Yup looking good and the transfers do look like they are worth the effort.

  2. Thanks! I'm almost looking forward to the next set, as I'm hoping to improve on these.

  3. I love the Romans but the the transfers would give me a fit!

  4. They gave me a fit. I love the way they look when done, but getting them there almost killed me.

  5. Aaron, those look fabulous. You really are a great painter! My Carthage project has stalled as I've taken up some interest in the English Civil War due to my family heritage in Scotland (plus, whst isn't cool about fully armored knights with pistols?). Check it out on my new blog: http://inevitablespark.blogspot.com/

    I hope we can get a game in when you return from your trip.


  6. Jonathan, Thanks for the compliment. I've been thinking about ECW as well, and will probably do a couple of regiments later in the year. I'm not planning on a full army at this point, but you never know how things will work out.


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