Friday, May 11, 2012

15mm Sahadeen

The Sahadeen have arrived.  They will form part of the second faction for my 15mm sci/fi universe, which is slowly taking form.

"Don't go anywhere".

The heavy gun team with spotter and security.
 I ordered the platoon, a gun team pack and a heavy weapons pack.  There is one figure which is appropriate to be a commander.  The gun teams come with three dudes; a gunner a spotter and a rifleman for defense.  This is a kneeling figure, so I'm going to use them as scouts, though Gruntz doesn't really have rules for those I can sort some perks to make them work.

The two SAW/LMG gunners.  These guys will be Squad Attachments (SA) in Gruntz.

Two missileers.

The Heavy weapons pack came with two sniper teams, two missile launchers and two SAW/LMGs.

Sniper teams, fore and aft.

Style and Character - 8/10.  These guys are good future insurgents.  They are all wearing hoodies.  They have lots of pouches.  All they are missing are AK-47s.  Having said that, these guys are solidly sci/fi looking.  Some of them have bulky shoulder armor.  They all have futuristic looking shin armor.  The rifles could be anything but  the SAWs and tripod mounted cannons are definitely not current tech.  They strike me as either a low tech force or light infantry/infiltrators for a more high tech force.

Production Value - 6/10.  These guys have some issues.  Some of these have a giant cut in the bottom of the torso, running down the leg.  There is a pose whose rifle is a blob.  There is a lot of flash and mold lines on these.  They required much more clean up than the CMG ARC Fleet Recon troopers.  Some of the problems just don't seem to be fixable with a reasonable amount of work.

Having said that, some of these sculpts are really clean and crisp with great detail.  The heavy weapons and gun teams, especially, are very nice scuplts that didn't have any issues.

The four rank and file poses.  The one on the left and second from right are the ones with issues.
Assembly and conversion 8/10.  Really, what is there to say?  These are 15mm guys.  They come in one piece.  The only assembly was putting the gunner for the gun team with his gun.  Mounting them on bases was as easy as assembly gets in our hobby.  Converting these would be difficult.  Due to the hoods any head swaps would require followup with serious greenstuff.

Quality 7/10.  This score suffers due to the defects covered under production values.  Those aside, these are solid castings with no fiddly parts to break off.  The sculpts that look good, look very good.

Price and Service 10/10.  Rebel minis were great.  The price's are very fair.  I had my order in a couple of days.  Everything was well packed and arrived in one piece.  In reference to service, they are currently running a sale.  I placed an order but missed the part where I was supposed to put the code in to get the discount.  I sent Rebel minis an email and, within a couple of hours, received a reply asking me if I had entered the code.  When I indicated that I, stupidly, had not, they fixed it and had my refund to me within an hour.  Bear in mind, this is while they are having a 20% off sale, so are busier than normal.  You really can't ask for better than that.  Edit.  My order for the sale arrived two days after I placed it.  Now that's great service.

Overall Score 8/10.  These are really nice and characterful models.  Their backstory practically wrote itself as I painted them.  The specials are nice, as are most of the poses.  There are two poses which all have, to me, unacceptable flaws to them.  These two poses are really what brought down the score.  I've already ordered another pack of the heavy weapons and I'm considering another infantry pack, flaws and all, to bring my force up to a full, notional, platoon.  If you are looking for desert nomad, neo-arab type figures then these are a great choice.  They do not have mortar or specialist options, but I plan on using droids to fill those voids.  These have some great character and stand out from the, more standard, Halo look that is so common in 15mm sci/fi.


  1. Nice honest review, I've just taken advantage of their 20% discount and ordered some modern stuff but not dipped my toe in the sci-fi yet!

  2. Definitely some nice looking models!

  3. The noted flaws aside, I do really like the character of these guys. I'll definitely be expanding them a bit.


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