Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Painted Romans

I have painted my first box of Romans.  I still need to put the decals on the shields and attach them, but I'm counting these as painted for April.


These are Warlord Games Imperial Roman Legionaries.  I bought the box that comes with twenty of them and a scorpion.  This unit was two days work.  I was rushing because I wanted to finish them for April, to give me some chance of making my painting goal.  I could have painted half the unit, but I'm really excited to get these guys done.  I've been thinking about doing Romans for years, now that I've finally got them on board I want to get them assembled, painted and played with.

 These guys are on round bases so that I can use them for skirmish games as well.  I'm almost there with a Roman army list for LotR.  I need to pick up some missile troops, for LotR style gaming.  I need cavalry, more legionaries and more auxiliarys for Hail Caesar games.

The Scorpion and crew.  This is Rhys' favorite model.

Side view.  I, actually, really like this little monster too.

My beloved grunts.  They guys who get the job done, no matter what it is.

The lot of them, minus the scorpion, which Rhys walked off with.
Looking at these pictures I'm seeing a lot of places where I need to make some touch ups.  I guess I'll hit those today and get this wrapped up.


  1. Thanks a lot guys. Based on the quality of your figures I'll take that as high praise indeed.


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