Friday, May 04, 2012

Battlefield Academy

I have been a video gamer since the first computers appeared in homes.  I started with pong, attached to our 13" black and white TV.  Oddly, I'm playing almost nothing right now.  There is one exception to this, Battlefield Academy on the iPad.

Screen shot from the game.

Despite the really, really, horrible name, this is a great game for us wargamers.  It has a slick little engine that really captures the feeling of a tabletop game well.  The game rewards realistic tactics and the units feel like they play realistically.  There are a ton of scenarios for it as well.  It costs $20 from the app store, which is not the normal iPad app cost; not by a long shot.

Another screen shot.  Ooh, pretty.
 The graphics are not up to par with current state of the art video games, but that is part of the charm.  It is clear what the units are and what the various terrain is.  It reminds me, visually, of the games I grew up playing.  It's just that the engine works so much better and the game play is superior. 

This is scratching the wargaming itch for me, since I'm not getting a lot of real games in.  If you play Flames of War than this game is probably right down your alley.


  1. Looks interesting but only if I can prise the iPad out of Mrs K's hands - no mean task I tell you!

  2. I understand completely. I mostly play first thing in the morning or last thing at night, after Rhys and SWMBO have gone to bed.

  3. I read very good comments and finally bought it for my birthday this week. Still to learn to play

  4. It is easy to learn, and not too hard to master. The tactics are realistic. That can be good or bad. I hope you enjoy it, and Happy Birthday!

  5. Fran, I haven't regretted picking it up at all.


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