Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deals and Specials

There are a lot of sales and deals going on in the brave new age of wargaming that we are living in.  The 15mm Sci/Fi manufacturers often have nice sales.  "Tuition is due for my daughter, 20% off on everything."  It's nice doing business with a small company.

This is what twenty random sprues look like.  Awesome.

Then you have the big players.  Not GW big, but second tier big.  Folks like Mantic.  They recently had one of their wacky sales; for twenty five pounds you got twenty random sprues and a messenger bag.  That is a heck of a deal in my book.

I ended up getting 77 models for that 25 quid.  I actually got a pretty good start on an undead army as well as a  good number of elves.  In the Sci/Fi line I am sitting pretty on some Orx, if I choose to expand them.  There are some odds and ends in there as well, dwarves, forge fathers, a couple of warmachines with crew.  As an extra bonus they threw in a Veer-myn Night-Crawler, one of their new models.

This un-prepossessing box hold limitless possibilities.  It's almost a shame to open it.  Nah.  I couldn't wait.
All in all, this was a great special and one that I'm glad I took advantage of.

This will be perfect for rules and dice.
A deal of a different sort was to be had at Collectormania, the local games store.  They have recently started carrying 15mm terrain; both WWII style and Sci/Fi.  In the main they carry Battlefront/Gale Force 9, but they have also started to carry JR Miniatures.  In general the shop marks them at the recommended price.  No problem, they are cheap and easy.

This thing weighs a couple pounds.  It's solid resin.
The back side.  The house has nice detail with very little clean up necessary.
The buildings are also solid blocks of resin.  I got a half timbered farm house for $10.  What made me super happy was the eight shipping containers for eight dollars.  You can't have too many of these in a modern or Sci/Fi table, especially a star port, so eight of them are great.  These will give me a solid start on terrain and cost almost nothing.  This is great because I am starting from scratch on my 15mm terrain.

Eight of these will really help me dress up a table in a hurry.
I also bought a nice farm field.  This will work in any period and for both 28mm and 15mm.  It is a nice rubber, no latex, and keeps its shape really well.  They had both brown and green.  I chose brown because I live in Colorado and everything is brown here most of the year.

I really like the material this is made of.  I'll need a few more of these.
The last place to find some nice deals is in the kickstarter/indigogo campaigns that are going on.  I'm currently backing two, with my eye on a third.  Some of these give quite nice deals for around $100.  Often the swag will turn out to be worth more than that in the end.   I'll save the campaigns that I am supporting for another post, but if you are interested in a company's products, and they have a campaign going, they will tell you about it.  Check it out because you may get a great deal on their goods as well as helping to fund the next wave of stuff that you want to see.

So, in closing, what I'm really happy about is that I'm doing business with people who have sales and appreciate my business.  It's a refreshing change from GW, whose idea of a price change is always up.  There are a lot of small companies out there, if you pay attention you can often get some really nice deals.

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