Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Battle Report - Lego Wars

Last weekend Rhys and I tried out Lego Wars.  This is a much simplified version of wargaming, based on rules found here.  The beauty of the system is that we can play with any toys that Rhys wants to.  We, of course, played with Legos.

My fierce army, lined up and ready to go.  Shooters on the right, fighters on the left.

The system is very simple.  Each guy is one dice.  If you play a twenty dice game then you get twenty guys.  Big monsters or vehicles would get two or more dice.  You have fighters and shooters.  Fighters hit on 3+ and kill on 4+.  Shooters hit on 4+ and kill on 5+.  Shooters move three inches and fighters move six.  Shooters can hit everything on the table.  That's pretty much it.

My battle line.  Very fierce.  Not very hard to kill though.
Rhys' line.  The light sabre was his general, flanked by Iron Man and two shooters.
The rest of Rhys' line.  Watch our for that flag, it could put out an eye.

We started in two lines and advanced to contact, shooters covering us as we went.  Rhys' shooting was spot on and he had thinned my ranks pretty well before I even got to him.  Once we were in battle he had me outnumbered and just swamped me.
The lines meet, and the flag starts killing orcs right and left.
It was a route for good old Daddy.  Rhys won it fair and square.  It hits the concepts of LotR pretty well but is simple enough for him to remember the rules.  We'll have to play a few more times to get it all to sink in, and he needs some practice with measuring, but we're getting there.


  1. Great time had by all (well till you started to loose LOL)


    1. Even losing was OK since he had so much fun.


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