Monday, October 15, 2012

Sci-Fi Monday - Battle Report - X-Wing

The other night I arrived for our Thursday night game and Tony was running Jonathan through an introductory game of X-Wing.  They both had bought starter sets, and I had brought mine with me.  After the intro game we decided to play a big game of X-Wing instead of the scheduled LotR.  100 points each side, and nine ships on the table later, we were ready to go.

The brave and scrappy Rebel line prepares for battle.

Rhys and I had loaded up with Luke/R2D2 in his X-Wing, seconded by Bigs.  We also had a Y-Wing with ion canon and an R5D4 droid.  The Imperials had two Tie Advanced and four Tie Fighters, divided evenly.  All three of my pilots were superior to any of theirs, but there sure were a lot of them.
The Imperial oppressors, half of them at least.
The first couple of turns we just closed.  They massed all of their fighters on our left flank.  The two X-Wings  headed in while the Y-Wing swung wide to the right.  We should have done it the other way around.
The two sides close.  The Y-Wing is lollygagging off screen right.

The rest of the game was a confused scrum with fighters on top of each other.  We played several things wrong.  We were not making the attacker modify their dice before the defender rolled.  We were adding a maneuver dice for the defender when the attacker had to fire through another ship.  I was only rolling one die for the ion cannon, which made it pretty much useless the whole game.

This is not actually the confused scrum.  That was where six Tie Fighters were all touching each other in the center.

In the end I had damaged most of the ships and killed one Tie Fighter and one Advanced.  I lost all three of my ships.  My tactics were flawed, to be sure, but the useless ion canon also made a big difference.  Having said that, this was a really fun game.  The models looked great, the play was quick and fun and my opponents, as always, were great to play against.

Surprisingly, Luke managed to get out of this unharmed.  
This is where it started to go down hill.  A couple more turns and the rebel fighters were all dead.
Now I just need a few more ships so I have some more options.  Hmmm.


  1. Luke Skywalker is pretty tough - only he could fly right through a nest of 6 ties and come out the other side (albeit pretty banged up).

    Enjoyed stalking that Y wing too. Its so ponderous that once we got a couple of ties on his tail it was hard to shake us - the Ion cannon would make more of a difference next time of course!

    Great game!

    1. Luke is tough to kill, especially when he has R2-D2 on board to bring his shields back up. Another thing we missed with the Y-Wing is that it can take two photon torpedoes, not just one.


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