Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Painted Romans

For Valentine's day my wife bought me five boxes of Warlord Games' Early Imperial Romans.  Great woman.  I finished off one of the boxes here.  The second box are not much different, to be honest.  I now have two Cohorts of Rome's finest.  One more unit and I'll be ready to try out Hail Caesar with Jonathan in November.


This is the set that comes with twenty legionaries and a scorpion with crew.  I have to admit that I really like these models.  The heads have several different faces.  The poses are aggressive and the models are easy to put together.
Scorpion and crew.
And again...
SWMBO volunteered to put the transfers on the shields this time around.  Anything to avoid the hour of cussing that she had to listen to the last time I attempted it.  Sadly, some of the transfer's have gone bad and didn't stick at all.  Having said that, I had enough for this regiment and some extras, so there will be less pain next time around.
As before, I based these on round bases so that I can use them for skirmish gaming as well as Hail Caesar with sabot bases.  I have developed most of the army list and points costs, I just need to play test them to see if I got them right, but that's a subject for another post.

Pilla.  Of course I would pick the one that has a black dot on it.
Command in ranks.
The whole unit.


  1. Damn nice work sir, good looking bunch of lads!

  2. Awesome. Those look fantastic Aaron.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. Considering how good yours look that's high praise indeed.

  3. Excellent looking troops, what a great pose the leader figure has!

    1. Thanks Ray. Mostly that's the sculpt but I do try to put them together in natural poses.


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