Friday, October 05, 2012

X-Wing Follow up

I've had X-Wing for a week now.  It has been a huge success.  Not only has Rhys been asking to play but Owyn has played a couple of games.  They both love the models and understand the mechanics.  They are a little hazy on the maneuvering part but they love rolling dice and moving their ships.  They smoked me in one game and much rejoicing, and dancing, ensued.

Rhys still wants to learn Lord of the Rings, but he is in love with X-Wing.

This one is definitely going in the Win column.


  1. Oh please!! Stop putting pressure on me!!!! I WON'T buy X-Wing before Christmas, I WON'T buy X-Wing before Christmas....

    1. No pressure, but you should, totally, go out and buy it before Christmas. Then for Christmas you can get another base set and the additional fighters. You would really be doing your loved ones a favor because it would make shopping for you easier. Not that our kind are ever hard to shop for.


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