Saturday, January 16, 2010

Army Painter

Army Painter is a new line of paints from the Netherlands.  They are colored primers and Quickshade dips.  I love these products.  Colored primers save a huge amount of time.  I used to use gallons of the Games Workshop bleached bone primer.

I have, so far, used the desert yellow, green and plate armor primers.  The desert yellow has worked flawlessly.  The Green has had some issues with pooling.  I have not used the quickshade dip yet, though I bought a can and I am retiring my Minwax. 

The coverage on the nozzels is perfect.  I only need a single pass to coat the model.  There is no loss of detail at all, unless you put too much on, which is true of any paint.  The nozzle doesn't clog up and the quality is consistent across all of the cans I have bought.  I have had issues with Privateer Press's primer being inconsistent between batches, and sometimes from the same can over time.

These primers save a lot of time, whether you use the dip or not.  They do not allow some of the shading techniques that are favored by expert painters who use black base coat, but they are fantastic for getting an army painted quickly. 

Dipping is a technique that some love and other hate, much like raw oysters.  If you use dipping then these primers are really a no brainer.  At $15 they run about the same as GW primer.

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