Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back at it

I walked away from this blog after a couple of weeks.  I just wasn't spending the time on the hobby that I needed to.  Things change.

I have a lot more time for this type of thing right now and the desire to update this.  The real catalyst was two things.  First was the slew of "this is what I did last year" posts on various blogs and fora.  I realized that I am not actually sure what I did last year.  Second was that I am entered into a Lord of the Rings tournament in February.  I have to paint my entire army from scratch.  I have not a single painted mini for Gondor.

I was working on my Rohan last year.  I still have the army but I am moving on.  The list is just so bad.  I don't mind losing all of the time.  I hate that my dudes just suck so much.  I will revisit them later, once I have gotten my Gondor up to strength.

I ramble, forgive me. 

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