Monday, January 18, 2010

Flames Of War

My local store has just gotten in Flames of War.  This is a 15mm WWII game.  It is not, strictly speaking, super historically accurate.  It is the first historical game to earn widespread acceptance.  I do not accept DBA and DBM in that category.

I have been planning to paint up a U.S. rifle company from the 90th Infantry Division, for a couple of years.  My Grandad, who died three years ago served in that Division.  I was going to do this weather or not I ever played a game.

A couple of the other guys at the store, and I, have been talking about the game for awhile.  The other two have even ordered their armies.  The manager finally decided that it would be worth a shot to see how well it sells and ordered in $1000 bucks worth of new toys.

The order came in today, but is not out on the shelves yet, as Tim has to decide where he is going to put it.  I rummaged through the box, behind the counter, and found the rifle company and the starter set.  $50 for the rifles and $40 for the starter.  It will have to wait a bit. 

I am not super fond of the 15mm.  As Angus Konstams says, 28mm is the only true wargaming scale.  Having said that, I appreciate the ability to get a big force on the table and to build a large army for not a whole lot of money.

I am looking forward to exploring this game once I am through with my army for the GitD.

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