Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gathering in the Desert

The Gathering in the Desert is an independent tournament for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game.  It is held in Phoenix AZ in the middle of February.  This is the third year.  It will be my first time attending.

I am going to be taking a Gondor army.  This is an army of normal dudes with good armor.  I will be running a single captain, a whole bunch of Rangers of Gondor, who are good at shooting, and a bunch of Warriors of Minas Tirith with a banner and horn bearer.  There will also be six Knights of Minas Tirith.  I am still tweaking parts of the list, but I need to get it sorted ASAP as I have to get it painted.

I also want to do a display board.  One of the lessons I learned at the con I went to last year was that it is really nice to have a display board to move your army between tables.  If I have the time then it will be a nice piece of terrain.  If I do not then it will be something much less impressive.

I have to paint two models a night to be done in time.  So far I have eight models done in four days.  I'm on track, but that doesn't include time to work on the display board.  The good news is that the models I have done are the Rangers who, I believe, are going to be the models that take the longest.

Pictures will be upcoming soon.

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