Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting Countdown III

Another night of good progress.  I completed all six horses and one more Ranger.  I am done with both of those now.  I have also finalized my list.

Captain of Minas Tirith - Shield, Bow, Heavy Armor  60 pts
6 x Knights of Minas Tirith  84 pts
Warrior of Minas Tirith, Banner  32 pts
Warrior of Minas Tirith, Horn 28 pts
17 x Warriors of Minas Tirith - Shield  136 pts
12 x Warriors of Minas Tirith - Shield, Spear  108 pts
8 x Rangers of Gondor - Spear  72 pts
10 x Rangers of Gondor  80 pts

56 Models
2 Might points
1 Hero
1 Standard
600 points on the nose.

This is going to play as a horde army.  The Ranger's shooting should be able to put a hurt on most enemies.  They also have fight 4, but a truly craptastic save.  The WoMT are there to soak up casualties and swarm over the enemy.  The Captain will hang in the rear and wait for that perfect moment to call a heroic move.  The Knights are going to hammer enemy infantry.  The horn will help with terror tests and, sadly, with break tests once I get below 50%.  The banner, of course, is to help win fights.

I have not played with this army yet.  I don't even have all of the models yet as I need to buy another box of WoMT.  These tactics can win, I've seen it done with Moria Goblins.  I don't have any heavy hitters in the list.  What I do have is nasty shooting and lots of hard to kill warriors.

It should be fun, anyway.

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