Sunday, January 31, 2010

Progress Continues

I got in my box of Warriors of Minas Tirith, though not the heros.  GW does their blisters as direct only.  The direct only guys are not exactly Johnny on the Spot when it comes to packing and shipping.  I should have them in the first part of next week, which will mean that I have all of the models for my Gathering in the Desert army.

While I was waiting for the new models I got the ones already painted, based.  I am finishing up the WoMT as I write this (the glue is drying on the sand).  The Rangers and Knights are all done.  I have taking pictures as I go so I will post up a tutorial on how I do my bases.

I spent most of my hobby time yesterday de-flashing the new WoMT.  Like, I suspect, every other gamer in the world I HATE de-flashing.  I use three tools.  Most of the work is done with a file.  I only use an X-acto knife in the spots the file won't fit.  I also keep a toothbrush handy to clean all of the plastic crap off so I can see the model as I work on it. 

They are clean and have the first bit of primer on.  One more coat and some touch ups and they will be ready to start painting.  I will begin that tomorrow. 

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