Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painting Count Down II

I am making rapid progress.  Today I completed nine more Rangers of Gondor.  I took some pictures but they did not come out at all.  I will have to work on that.  Can't have a toy soldier blog without pictures.  The more the better.

I also completed my first Warrior of Minas Tirith.  I have not dipped him yet though.  That will probably happen tomorrow.  I started on base coating his fellows.  Eight warriors with shields and eight with spears as well as the six Knights.  There are also the three command models, Captain, banner and horn.  I will need to buy another box of Warriors of Minas Tirith and the army will be complete.

Once I have everything painted I will do the bases.  I prefer to do these assembly line style as they are very involved.  I'll detail my process once I get to them.

In addition to the painting I picked up a tray to use for the army base.  By me I mean my wife bought it for me.  She shakes her head and sighs a lot, but she supports me.  I also got the foam core.  Now I just need to figure out what I want the tray to look like and plan that out.  I am thinking of either a wall or a cliff with troops in front of it and on top.  The reason I want part of it raised up is so that I can build a pocket into the back to hold the mini rulebook, dice, pens and army lists.

I am ahead on my painting at this point so I should have time to do the display board.

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