Monday, March 19, 2012

Battle Report - Harad vs Isengard Part II

Nuradan had gathered the remnants of his warband and started south, with the Betrayer urging haste every step of the way.  Following the battle for the chests all five had been brought to the Betrayer, who had searched them and secreted something within his robes.  Nuradan had no idea what the object of this expedition was but they had, apparently secured it.  Now they just had to get it back to Mordor.

The scouts informed Nuradan that the Uruk Hai were gaining from the rear, and the howls of Whargs could be heard from the front.  More worryingly, the scouts reported seeing Saruman leading his forces in pursuit.  It appeared that the white wizard had more tricks up his sleeve.  Nuradan led his force into some ruins, hoping that the ruined buildings would provide some sort of advantage against the enemy.

The initial positions of the two sides.

Sadly, for the Haradrim, Saruman was able to coordinate his two forces, both arriving on the battlefield at the same time.  The Southrons were spread out, following their rush to reach the ruins.  Saruman ordered his phalanx in against the Haradrim line while he maneuvered towards the flank in an attempt to sow confusion through his sorcery.  Nuradan heard the Uruks screaming to "take the leaders" and surmised that Saruman wanted whatever trinket it was that the Betrayer had beneath his robes.  He did not envy the orc that tried to take that particular prize.

The two lines, just before contact.
 The Wharg riders charged on the left flank, three of them hitting Aladhi, the sub-chieftan.  Somehow, Aladhi fought them off, he and his men holding that flank, bouncing the whargs and kiling most of them.  Sadly, the battle did not go nearly as well in the center.
The wharg riders, just before they charged the left flank.

Saruman was, mostly, held at bay by the Betrayer, only getting one sorcerous blast off.  Nuradan traded the lives of his warriors for space and time, his line disappearing like water in the desert sands.

The four heroes and a couple of warriors were all that survived the massacre.
Saruman's orcs had their vengeance over the Haradrim, however, the Betrayer was able to return to Mordor with his prize and Nuradan and his chieftans survived to raise another army for the Dark Lord.

This was the Lords of Battle scenario.  One point for every wound caused.  All of the heroes survived.  About the only good thing I can say about my army's performance in this game was that the Betrayer managed to shut down Saruman again.  That was 180 points that had little effect on the game.  This scenario was a perfect example of the weakness's of my army.  Too few models and too much reliance on shooting.  My shooting was cold and I just didn't have time for it to be effective.  Having said that, Huntsman played this one perfectly and was able to totally dominate the game, forcing me to react to him.

Another great game, thanks Huntsman.

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