Thursday, March 01, 2012

Look what just arrived in the mail

I just received my Warhammer 40K 25th anniversary model.  This is a great model.  It captures the old cover art beautifully while showing the phenomenal skill that GW sculptors are capable of these days.  I cracked the box to make sure it looked like a good casting. 

I hear a lot these days about how crappy Finecast is.  I've now bought two models in the substance and both casts have been perfect.  I love the detail, it's crisp and sharp.  I don't like metal models, mainly for the difficulty of conversion and the fact that the paint ALWAYS chips on them.  This model is good to go.

All of the above is great and all.  The only problem is, I don't play 40k.  I just hate the rules.  I like the models just fine.  The IP is fun.  The rules leave me angry and frustrated.  With all of the time I've been spending, lately, on other people's blogs, one thing I've been looking for is a generic set of Sci/Fi rules that I can use instead.  There are a lot of great models out there.  I just need rules to let me play with them.

So, you ask, what will become of the model above?  It will sit in a bin in the basement with my Harry the Hammer model until I figure out what to do with my Space Marines, because it won't, likely, be playing 40k.


  1. That is a nice model. I was admiring it in White Dwarf last month.

    Re: Rulesets - have you looked at the warpath rules from mantic? you can get a free pdf from their website.

  2. I haven't, but that's a great idea. I'll have to take a look at those today. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Not sure why I get all the bad luck with the Finecast models... my 25th anniversery space marine is miscast. For one... his banner pole is broken. His right shoulder pad is cast poorly, along with some other problems. I just threw him back in the box and vowed to call them when I have time. Kind of angry.

  4. I hear this a lot. The only good thing is that they'll replace it. I just hope you weren't counting on using it any time soon. I don't know why they don't add in another quality control step to make sure bad castings don't get out. This is a huge black eye for them.

    1. I agree. The thing that really kills me though is when the replacement model they send is also a miscast. I will agree with you that the detail is very crisp on the Finecast models. I haven't painted one to know much about chipping, however, some finecast models are very bendy. If you have ever painted soft plastics before, you know bendy parts crack and chip paint very very easily. I don't have too many problems with chipping on metal models. I just make sure to seal them, and regularly.


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