Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The next Project II

This one is a little bit embarrassing, since the pictures are poor.  My photo foo is low today, obviously.  I have some ideas on what is causing me problems so hopefully I can improve on that.

Here's my new list:

Warband 1
Arwen - 60 pts
High Elf warrior with Banner and spear - 35 pts
6 x High Elf Warrior with shield - 60 pts
4 x High Elf Warrior with Elf Bow and spear - 48 pts
1 x High Elf Warrior with Elf Blade - 10 pts

Warband 2
Erestor - 80 pts
6 x High Elf Warriors with shield - 60 pts
4 x High Elf Warrior with Elf Bow and spear - 48 pts
2 x High Elf Warrior with Elf Blade - 20 pts

Warband 3
Galadhrim Storm Caller - 60 pts
6 x Galadhrim Warriors with shield - 54 pts
4 x Galadhrim Warriors with Elf Bow and spear - 44 pts
2 x Galadhrim Warriors with spear and shield - 20 pts

39 Models
599 points
3 Might
7 Will

The force is short on might but with two Nature's Wrath and Erestor's special rules I think it will balance out.  Now for painting and play testing.  I had to convert all of the sword and shield elves.  I've been working on that for the last two weeks and finished yesterday.  I still have to make the spears for the High Elf archers.  I'm, quite frankly, procrastinating on that since I don't want to do it.

Pictures below, I've included one of the Galadhrim, just for the sake of completeness.

Erestor, banner and Arwen.  Archers in the rear.

Converted Elf Blade warriors to sword and board warriors.  They look a little bit awkward here but better in the next shot.

Sword and board closeup.  I didn't have the energy to make the shields bend around like the GW ones.

The Galadhrim Warband, led by the Storm Caller.

I'm still pondering colors for these.  The two contingents will be different but the bases will tie them in together.  High Elves first, I think.


  1. Very interesting army. The lack of might was something I definitely noticed right away. Quite powerful in the natures wrath department though. You also have a very nice model count for such an elite army.

  2. In the olden days, before the new configuration, I used to run armies with only one or two heroes, so I'm used to not a lot of might. I think the elves high fight, with the banner will be awesome. Throw in one or two successful Nature's Wrath a game and that will be a turn of hurt that it will be hard for my opponent to recover from. Of course it all sounds great in theory. We'll have to play test to see how it works.

    I'll be honest here. I really wanted something different than the lists we all see all of the time. Now to make it work on the table.


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