Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terrain Product Review

This month I bought two pieces of terrain from Gale Force 9's Battlefield in a Box line.  They will both be part of the haradrim terrain set I am putting together, though they will work, of course, for any desert table.

Appearance:  5/5.  The hill is really nicely done.  The terrain looks great, very realistic but also playable.  The colors are fantastic.  I had one sitting on the arm of a chair, in my office; every time I walked by I stopped and stared and thought, "Damn, that looks great".  I did that for a week.  When SWMBO walked into my office she said "What's this?  It's really pretty.  What can I use this for?".  When she is trying to find a use for my terrain, it must look good.  The pictures just don't do this piece justice.

Playability: 4/5.   I'm really impressed with the mix of good looks and playability of this terrain.  The hill looks very natural but it has lots of horizontal surfaces.  The slopes are steep enough that you are not going to be able to prop a mini up on them.  I think this is a good thing as it actually clarifies things.  Wargaming hills are always a compromise and too many have a slope that doesn't look natural but is still too steep to stand a miniature up on.  This hill goes for good looks and a clear statement that the terrain is not sloping hills.  There are multiple levels and lots of cover on it. This is just a really well designed piece of gaming terrain.

Value:  4/5.  The hill costs $25.  That's not bad for a piece of terrain, though I could build my own for a lot less.  The thing is, this looks better than what I would build and it comes pre-painted.  It's light weight but not fragile.  You pay more for a hill that doesn't look as good and is gray plastic from GW.  All in all I consider this to be great value.  The hill also comes with two baggies of flock, one green and one brown.  This gives you the dressing materials to add a little more character to your hill with plenty left over for other projects. 

Overall Score:  4/5.  This terrain is very good.  Great looking, good playability and great value.  It's my first purchase of the Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box terrain and I'm very pleased.  I'll definitely be picking up some more pieces from this line.  In terms of getting gaming ready terrain on the table quickly and for a reasonable price, I don't know how you can improve on this line.

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