Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Another purchase in the Year of Rules line.  The candidate for March is ...  Da, da  da!.  Saga!  Oh wait.  I gave it away in the title.  Never mind.

(The picture probably detracts from the surprise as well.)

I haven't had a read through of the rules yet.  I'll do an in depth review once I have a chance to read them and bang them around a little bit.  Really I just wanted to talk about Architects of War (link here and also on the sidebar).  Normally I'm not a fan of only having one distributor, but Architects of War were fast and easy.  I put my order in last Friday.  On Saturday I got a confirmation email and it was delivered to me yesterday (Monday).  This is great service guys.

The book came in a box, wrapped in paper and padded with more paper.  The book was then sealed in a zip lock bag.  So, no chance of water damage and the box would have had to have been destroyed to get to the book.

Now, I bought the book as part of a bundle with a set of Saga dice.  I'm not at all happy about the prices on these dice, but that is not Architect's of War's fault.  Their deal gets the dice for a little bit cheaper, so I went for it.  This is my only complaint.  There was no where on the order form for me to specify which dice set I wanted.  This isn't a huge deal because I received an email from them asking me which set they should ship.  A real email from a real person.  It was nice to interact with someone that way.  I expect to see my dice soon; I'll let you know what I think of them then.

Prompt service, lightning fast even, and careful shipping.  All you can ask for. I don't know why I always buy stuff on Fridays, it usually delays things.  (I actually do know, it's pay day, duh.)  The service on this order was just phenomenal.  This was my first experience with this company but I'm looking forward to doing business with them again in the future.


  1. By the way, the LEG group seems to be really interested in this game. Most of them have forces and are working on them. Apparently Troll Country has a limited account with Gripping Beast. I know they can order rule books and starter kits. Might be worth checking out what else they can order. I have a bunch of Wargames Factory Vikings that I keep staring at.

  2. The rules are really simple. A lot of similarities to LotR, actually. The big difference is the battle boards and the resource management that brings to the game. I'm looking forward to trying out the rules with some solo gaming this weekend. I haven't bought any models yet, but that will be in my future, for sure. I'm also looking forward to the Dux Britanorum (sp?) rules that TooFatLardies are working on now, so some of the models will serve double duty for that.


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