Thursday, March 01, 2012

Monthly Retrospective 1

What did I accomplish this month?  A big part of the reason I keep this blog is to motivate myself to get things done.  I'm always happy to play; it's harder to get myself motivated to build terrain and, especially, to paint.

I painted twenty six models.  That beats my goal of twenty a month.  That's a success and having the month end deadline definitely helped.  I'm a "beat the deadline" kind of guy.  Tournaments, challenges, those work to motivate me.  Those twenty six are completely done, to table top standard, except for grass on the bases.  I plan, eventually, to come back and hit all of them with some more paint to spiffy them up before the Mayhem in the Mountains tournament in September.

I also played quite a bit this month.  I got in seven games, which is almost two a week.  I can't really complain about that.  One of them was a teaching game, which is always a good thing.  More opponents are always good.  I hope to be doing a lot more of those this year, leading up to and following the Hobbit, since we have a two or three year window where GW cares about the game.

New rules.  I bought Hail Caesar (HC).  I've been looking at these rules for a long time, so I'm pleased to have finally gotten a hold of them.  I'll have to build up a couple of armies but I'm looking forward to playing some games, hopefully later in the spring. I also picked up three of the five new LotR army books.  I have not gotten Mordor or Moria.  I should pick up Moria at some point since I have a goblin army, but it is not assembled yet and I'll have to buy a bunch of models, heroes and cave drake (cause I love the looks of it) to make it work.  So, that's four rules books for the month, though only one for a new system.

New Models.  I only bought one.  Well it's two really.  The Betrayer, for LotR, on foot and mounted.  My wife also bought me a ton of HC mini's, but since they haven't arrived yet I'm going to make use of editorial privilege and call those March mini's.

Boardgames.  I bought one new boardgame, LotR Risk, on eBay.  I've been looking for this for awhile and the price was right.  In January I bought Agricola, (still not played) and Talisman, so that's three for the year.

I did not get any new followers this month.  I did have a big jump in page views though, so thanks to anyone who is following this.  I had 1866 page views, which beats the next best month, April 2011, which had 657.  I made 25 posts this month, which is almost one a day.  (Edit, I did get one new follower  Big Lee from BLMA, found here, I really enjoy his blog, so thanks for coming round to visit).

Looking at my overall goals, I painted more, played more and took more pictures, so that is all good.  It's looking like a success so far.

What am I looking at for the next month?  I plan on finishing up the five models I have left for my current Haradrim army as well as painting some extra spears and bows.  Serpent riders, Haradrim Raiders and Mahud will have to wait for awhile.  I also plan to assemble my Mumak and all of the HC minis, once they arrive.  I also plan to start on some Haradrim terrain.  I like to try and build some terrain to go with every army I paint.  Time permitting, I also hope to start painting some of the mini's from the Talisman set.  I also need to work up a list for using Romans and Celts in LotR gaming. 

That's a lot on my plate for the next month.  Paintingwise that's seventeen models just for the Haradrim.  I know I won't be able to resist a couple of test models at least for the Romans as well.  Assembly, I'm looking at the Mumak and over 100 HC models.  March should be a good month.

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