Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Painting Status III

I've been wrapping up my Haradrim army this month.  I don't think I'm going to make my goal of twenty painted models for March, but I'm really quite pleased with how these came out.  It's another twelve models.  Six Warriors with spears and then all of the heroes and specials.  I'll get my Betrayer painted up, to use instead of the generic Nazgul model I have been using, but that should be it on this army.  It's going to be used by the Traveller, while he decides if he is going to invest in the game or not.  I lent him the Fallen Realms army book so he can start making his own lists, instead of using mine.  If he chooses models that I don't have painted then I'll be re-visiting this army.  I suspect that Suladan may get painted in the next couple of weeks, for example.

Without further ado, here's the new additions.

All twelve models.  There is a ton of light on these guys, I don't know why they come out so dark.
Nuradan - front...
and rear.
Aladhi - front...
and rear.
Banner bearer front.  He is not part of the current list, but such a beautiful model...
From the rear.
The Master - front...
and back.  Every time I look at these pictures I find something I missed.
Hornblower - front...
and back.
Mumak Chieftan - front...
and back.
Six spearmen.
I'll do an army shot later today with all of the lads in one place.  It's in the seventies today so, as long as the wind doesn't kick up, I'll be varnishing this army later in the afternoon.  I had hoped to get it done by the first part of March.  That didn't work out but I'm still pleased with my progress.  Now I just need to step up the pace so I can get these 39 Elves and 104 Romans and 43 Celts done in a timely manner. 


  1. They look really nice. How close are you to having this army fully painted?

  2. The only model left is the Betrayer. I have more models but they are not part of a list I'm playing. Of course I still have the Mumak sitting in the basement. To answer the real question though, this list is done.

  3. Nice, it is always a good feeling to complete a project.

  4. It's a great feeling, finishing a project. Especially because I do it so seldom.


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