Friday, March 16, 2012

Games for the Wee Ones II

The search for the perfect dungeon crawler/mini game for the boys continues.  My stopgap, Space Hulk tiles with LotR minis, has sufficed for four or five games.  Owyn has lost interest and Rhys is struggling but still wants to play.  There's no depth and nothing to accomplish.  Goblins come on the board, they get killed.  It has sufficed to get us through the initial stages and give Daddy enough time to do some research.

The first purchase is Lego Heroica Castle Fortaan.  This has the advantage of being Lego, which both boys love.  It also means it will be easy to expand, if they like it, since we have a metric shit ton of Legos.  Incidentally, shit tons are the only metric unit of measure commonly used in the US.  I don't know if you knew that or not.  I digress.  There are several expansions for this available from Lego as well, so that's helpful as we all know it is not actually possible to have too many Legos.

The rules for this game are simple but it has treasure and weapons and actual, well, you know, goals.  There is a single die and everything is determined off of that.  Nice easy mechanic for my five year old to remember.

I've worked the last twelve days straight and what with real life mugging me in back allys and such, we have not had time to play.  We will be remedying that this weekend and I'll post up a review once we have a few games under out belts.  The first go around was successful as a gateway drug but now I want to up the anti and see if they keep their interest.

If this doesn't scratch the itch I'm looking at Dungeons and Dragons - The Legend of Drizzt.  We'll see.

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