Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bones Kickstarter

There is yet another Kickstarter campaign going on that I was unable to resist.  I should really block the URL so that I can't even get to it.  As the title suggests, this is the Bones Kickstarter from Reaper Miniatures.  The value of this campaign makes it, pretty much, a no brainer.

The value for money on this is phenomenal.  As of the writing it is well under a dollar per mini.  If you consider the actual prices of the metal models then the value sky rockets.  Happily there is an easy way to see what that value is.  Click on this link and Mr Greg Botch has, brilliantly and ever so kindly, put together an interactive picture for us.  

This is a Summary of your Vampire Level rewards.

The campaign is also offering many models at deeply discounted prices.  I could easily double my 100 dollar Vampire level and still come out way ahead in terms of miniatures.

This is a Summary of the Optional Rewards available to Vampire and Undertaker Level backers.

This campaign is also doing some interesting things, beyond just the normal rapid expansion of product.  One of the major goals is to move model production from China, back to Texas.  That's something that makes this worth supporting in and of itself and, to me at least.

There's only six days left to join this campaign.  If you like Reaper, and love these models, then this is really an easy decision.  

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