Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sci/Fi Monday - Terrain

My foray into 15mm is very recent, this year in fact.  As such I had no terrain for this scale.  Everything was scaled for 28mm.  When it comes to hills and trees, this is not a huge problem.  Man made structures, on the other hand, have to be the right scale.

I have been, slowly, adding to my 15mm terrain.  On the fourth of July GameCraft Miniatures had a 20% off sale and I jumped on the chance to add some 15mm buildings to my table.

On August 1st my order arrived and the fun began.

The possibilities are endless.

I opened the box as soon as I got home.  The contents were well packed, wrapped in paper and separated into individual bags.

Nine bags of building goodness with a free measuring implement thrown in.
I purchased a landing pad, a settler hut made from part of the colony ship's hull, two, two-story hab buildings, two container hab buildings and one garage.  The whole lot was $70 with shipping and handling.  Not bad at all.

The roof is paper, the rest laser cut wood.
All of the wood fit together perfectly.  Each piece is clean and easy to work with.  Dry fitting was a breeze and some Aleene's Tacky glue stuck it all together lickity split.  It also has that laser'd wood smell that is just dandy.

The two shipping containers with a CMG ARC Recon trooper for scale.
These terrain pieces look nice as they are and will look even better with some paint on them.  I now have a solid set of human terrain to gussy up a table and it was very reasonable.  I'm very close to being ready to play some Gruntz.

The garage door is really quite large.  I can fit a Viper in, vertically, but the weapons are too wide.

I glued some offcuts to the back of the garage door so that it will stand up if I want to have it closed.

The two story hab block.  The two can be separated to be two buildings.  (I'll have to make a roof for the first floor though).

The stairwell.

The second floor with the roof removed.

The first floor.
So.  Gamecraft Miniatures.  Great value, great service and very nice terrain.  I'll definitely be adding more of their products as I expand my terrain collection.

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