Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Terrain Manufacturer Links

This post covers Terrain manufacturers.  These are products that interest me.  Where I have used them, it will be noted.

Atenociti's Workshop
Blotz (10mm MDF for Drop Zone Commander)
Fieldworks 15mm Terrain
Gamecraft Miniatures (great terrain, great prices, great service)
Grand Manner
Hirst Arts (These are awesome kits)
Hotz Felt Gaming Mats
Kobblestone Miniatures Wargame Buildings (These are some fantastic sets)
Novus Design Studio
Plastcraft Games
Sarissa Productions SF Buildings
Sentinel Miniatures
Stronghold Terrain
Table Scape
Table Top World
The Scene - Terrain
Timecast 15mm Terrain
Wargamer's Terrain
Warmill Gaming Terrain

These are in alphabetical order.  If you have any that you would like to recommend to me, please feel free.  I would prefer that they offer something unique or that you have done business with them and can recommend the product.

Color codes:
Green - I've bought this/done business with them and it was positive.
Red - I've bought this/done business with them and it was negative.
Black - I'm interested but have not done business with them, yet.

Scenery Fetish


  1. Your series of 'link' posts will come in handy for sure...

    1. That's my hope. One stop for all your shopping needs.

  2. Just about to order from Gamecraft tonight....

  3. A great list! well done and an excellent idea too!!

    1. Thanks Ray. I'll be doing more, once I have time to figure out the links. 28mm Sci/Fi, Fantasy and 28mm Historicals are all coming.


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