Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sand Vipers

I have completed the two Sand Vipers for my Caliphate Infiltration Battalion (Rebel minis Sahadeen and Vipers).  As stated before, these are great little models that go together quickly, paint easily and look great.

Sand Viper of the Caliphate of Martel

They were primed with Army Painter Desert Yellow.  The metal is gunmetal metal.  The red on the large lasers is blood red.  The orange on the cockpit is hot orange.  All colors are Vallejo game color.  I washed the whole thing in Antique Walnut satin minwax (#340).  After GW dull coat, I hit the cockpit with gloss varnish.  Quick and easy and I like the way they look.  The cockpits, especially, came out just as I planned, happily.

A section, half a mech platoon.
These models suffered a bit more than usual from bendy weapon syndrome.  I had them straightened out with hot water but the mech on the right seems to have lost interest.

Front/top view.  Anti-vehicle laser on the left, anti-personnel weapons on the right.

Right side showing the power accumulator for the laser canon.  

Rear view.  You can easily see two of the bubbles from casting.  These would have been easy to fix but are really hard to see on the table top, so I didn't bother.  Lazy me.

Left side.  Anti-personnel canons.  You can see the printer lines here.  They are not noticeable from two feet away. 
As I've said before, I love these models.  I will be picking up at least two more for this army, and more than likely at least eight more beyond that so that I can have two platoons for each force.  The price is right and I'm very happy with how they look on the table.  These will give my Infiltration Bn some firepower until I get them their wheeled vehicles.  Now to play some Gruntz and see how they work.


  1. You've done well with these beauties, I will eventually get some of these!

    1. Thanks. I appreciate it. I can't recommend them enough. As a price for value model they are unbeatable.


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