Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dux Brit Player's Notes

TooFatLardies have released some player's notes for Dux Brit.  They serve as a quick start explanation of the rules.  They are useful enough that I would recommend having them available as you read through the rules.  You can just glance over, "did I read that right?".  "Yup."

The cover art, because pictures make blogs better.

Additionally they released the force morale trackers on this blog post.  They can be downloaded here.

I received my copy of Dux Brit, along with the cards and the Arthur mini, last week.  I've been plowing through the rules and I really like what I see.  This game is going to be fast and bloody with lots of interesting tactics.  I think TFL have captured the flavor of the times well, both in the rules, the pre/post game play and the campaign.

 The rules are simple and easy to pick up.  Movement is 3D6, with a few modifiers.  Combat is straight forward and fast.  The cards and command levels of nobles add a whole different level to the game.  Shock is an elegant system that won't slow game play but captures fatigue and fear well.

The cards are very nice quality and come in a plastic case to protect them between games.  The Arthur mini is very nice, understated but dramatic.  All in all, I'm still very excited about these rules.  Now I just need a couple of armies so I can play.

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