Monday, August 20, 2012

15mm Sci/Fi Manufacturer Links

My links have gotten a little bit out of control.  In order to remedy that I'm creating link posts that will go under a page tab at the top of the blog.  Click on the page tab for links, click on the genre you are interested in and there they will be.  Boom!  Bob's your uncle.  Nice, clean and organized.

This week will be the 15mm Sci/Fi Manufacturers.  I've actually been keeping these on another page, but this will be a lot easier.

(edit)  Barks gave me a list of several others I hadn't heard of.  I was not able to find Armies Army but the rest are below.  I have Oddzial Osmy under fighting 15's.  There is also a US distributor and if I can find them again I'll add that link.  Thanks Barks.

(edit 2)  I added Black Cat Bases with their new releases (28 August 2012)

Here they are in Alphabetical order.  The ones that I have done business with will be marked as such.  Anyone I'm not happy with will also be marked as such.  To date, that category is, happily, empty.
ACP Games
Armies Army
Astro Miniatures
Atenociti's Workshop (They are only doing 28mm now)
Black Cat Bases
Blue Moon Manufacturing
Brigade Models
Clear Horizon Miniatures
Clockwork Goblin Minis
CMG - Critical Mass Games (I like these guys, as you will have seen from the blog).
Combat Wombat Miniatures (This page is down. This is a shame as Scott had some great stuff and was awesome to order from)
Darkest Star Games
DLD Productions
Eureka Miniatures
Fighting 15s - Oddzial Osmy
GZG - Ground Zero Games
Highlander Studios (Space 1889)
Hydra Miniatures (Xeno 15)
Ion Age
Khurasan Miniatures
      Khurasan Miniatures Wayback (The wayback archive for when his site is down)
Mad Mecha Guy
Mecha Front
Micropanzer Wargames Studio
Old Crow (Currently on Hiatus and not selling - site is not live)
      Old Crow Wayback (he is apparently taking orders if you contact him)
Pico Armor (US retailer of Oddzial Osmy)
Pole Bitwy
Proxie Models
Rebel Minis (Some great stuff and some ok stuff here.  Fantastic service)
Splintered Light Miniatures
Stan Johansen Miniatures
The Scene
Zombie Smith

If you know of any others I should post here, please shoot me the link and I'll put them up.

Color codes:
Green - I've bought this/done business with them and it was positive.
Red - I've bought this/done business with them and it was negative.
Black - I'm interested but have not done business with them, yet.


  1. Antenociti's Workshop
    Armies Army
    Clockwork Goblin
    Effigy (The Department)
    Highlander Studios
    Oddzial Osmy
    Pole Bitwy

    1. Thanks Barks. I appreciate the ideas. Some of those I'd never even heard of before. Definitely some interesting things going on out there.

    2. No worries.

    3. Thanks for the link. I have no idea why I couldn't find that.


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