Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sci-Fi Monday - Caliphate drop ship

The Caliphate of Martel, much like the Federation, uses mostly imperial designs.  Their standard small drop ship, carrying a squad, is the Sabre design, called the Scimitar in Caliphate service.  The Scimitar is the most common assault dropship model for Caliphate light infantry formations.

The Scimitar.  This is about the size of a current Blackhawk.

The model was painted with my standard Caliphate paint scheme.  The model, the Sabre from Rebel, required a lot of work to get together.  There is not a whole lot to the model but it does what it says on the tin.

The gaps and warping are pretty evident here.
The fuselage was badly warped and no amount of hot water and bending could get it where I wanted it.  Other than that, it went together like a dream.  I used some liquid green stuff to fill some gaps, but left others as they fit into the panel lines of the model.

You can see the, not inconsiderable, warping here, above the troop compartment.
The canon and engine pods are metal, the rest is resin.  There was one bad bubble on the troop compartment but the rest of the casting was clean.

Looking at this picture I may go back and add some black in the recesses on the engine pods.
This model will provide some air support and superior mobility to the Infiltration Bn, especially until I pick up their wheeled vehicles later this fall.  I still haven't decided what they will be.

All in all this is not my favorite model from Rebel, but it's better than most of the comparably sized vehicles out there.  I'll probably pick up at least one more, perhaps two.  That would give me two troop transport versions and one gun ship for escort.  I'll not be in a hurry to do that though.  For the time being this will be enough to tide me over while I try out the Gruntz rules and see how it plays.

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