Sunday, January 04, 2015

Entry 10 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 11 28mm Celts (again)

This entry is another eleven Celt infantry for Hail Caesar.  This group is armed with spears and mostly armored in chain mail.  Now that I think of it, that doesn't really make sense as I would expect the armored warriors to have swords.

Eleven more bruisers to beat up on the Romans.

These are, again, 28mm Warlord Games plastics.  The shields are also the stickers.  I went ahead and did all of them at once because I like to get the suck over as quickly as possible.

The left end of the line.
The center.
The right.
I have ten more of these on the table right now.  I may get them done today but won't be able to get pictures, so you'll be spared until next Monday.

Run away!
The other end of the line.
There are a lot of options in this kit.  It's great for filling out an army with a mass of models.
I have some more single based models but then I'll switch over to 60mm x 60mm bases.  These guys are going to be the second line.  The third, obscured, line will be the wretched Wargames Factory Celts.  The front will be the best of these models and metals from various manufacturers.

There is nothing wrong with these plastics.
I know a lot of people hate painting Celts.  I've found these guys to be pretty straight forward.  I'm not going wild on the plaid/tartan.  I'm sticking to a fairly limited pallet.  I'm using decals (stickers).  That's good because I have a lot of these to paint.


  1. More great work on the Celts, Aaron! I see we have both been tackling these fellows. If you want to give the BTD Celts a try, let me know and I would be happy to drop a few in the mail.

    1. Jonathan,
      That is incredibly generous of you. My email is abhunt at earthlink dot net. Please drop me a line.

      Thank you.

    2. Thank you so much Jonathan.

  2. Good stuff - they look great :)
    Sound advice on painting Celts too...

    1. Thank you Mike. I'm finding that the limited pallet, mixed up as it is, along with the colorful shields is giving me the chaotic warband look without the pain of painting that some people seem to experience.

  3. More cracking work Sir, you really have done a great job on these.

    1. Thank you Michael. I can't wait to get enough to line them up and see an army of them. Soon.

  4. These are excellent, your sticker issues excepted



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