Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Entry 11 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 3 US GI crew served weapons and a FO team in 28mm

This next entry is for my U.S. Army for Chain of Command.  I painted the first two infantry squads and command in the 4th Annual Analogue Painting Challenge, and have done nothing else with them since.  This entry is two .30 MG teams of three men each, on 60mm Mortar team, also with three.  The last three models are a forward observation team (FO).  All of the models are metals from Warlord.  We are having a snow storm today so the lighting for the pictures was a little bit funky.

Three weapons team and a FO team.

These models were a pleasure to paint.  Nice sculpts with good detail and character.  Some of them have removable heads so it was easy to give a little bit of variety to the sculpts, especially since the two MG teams are identical.

One tripod mounted .30 MG for support in Chain of Command.
The mortar team are also good sculpts though it would have been nice to have one dropping a bomb down the tube.

60mm mortar for a little extra boom.
The FO team is three models.  One looking at his watch, one checking a map and a radio man.  I toyed with the idea of adding an aerial to the radio but I don't think it will survive first contact with the enemy.  Again, these are all very nice sculpts which were fun to paint.

FO team.  The barrel of the carbine on the right is also broken off.
These models really do have very nice detail.  Some of Warlord's metals (EIR Auxiliary cav) are really bad.  These were great.  I like how each member of the crew is accoutered a little bit differently.

I'll have to superglue that basing sand down.  This seems to be happening a lot this winter.
I'm disappointed that the light is wonky since it's hard to see the paint job on these guys well.

At least the shoes show up well.  
I just realized that I forgot to paint on their shoulder patches.
Great detail on these models.


  1. These look tremendous, you are really churning out some great work at the moment.

    1. Thank you Michael. I put it down to the impetus of the Challenge.

  2. Great job on the Americans. Have you played CoC yet?

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I haven't gotten to. My opponent who has painted Germans doesn't want to try it. I need to get some Germans done so I can suck in someone else.

  3. Very nice :)
    Never done CoC... must give it a go myself sometime.

    1. I haven't played yet either. We have used the patrol phase modified for Gruntz. It works nicely and makes for more interesting play.


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