Friday, January 23, 2015

Entry 14, Part 3 - Vth annual Analogue Painting Challenge - The Raisuli

This last model was not part of the plan for the Challenge.  Of course once I hit my goal everything is extra, but I had no intention of painting Boromir any time soon.  I don't have anything against him.  He's pretty great in the game, but he's also very expensive.  I tend to shy away from the uber heroes and try to bring more guys.

Rhys has been using Gondor models to play Lion Rampant and wanted a new hero for his army. Boromir and Aragorn vie for first place in his affections.

The Captain of Gondor.
When Rhys asked me to paint this model up for him; well, I just couldn't say no to that, could I?  This is a really nice model.  Great detail, very sharp casting.  He looks just like Sean Bean.  (Hmm, perhaps I should call this the Sean round).

Rhys is happy with him, so I'll count this one a win.  That's 37 28mm foot models and one 28mm mounted model.  Not bad for one week's work.  I think I'll slow it down for next week though.


  1. That is impressive speed painting and to a high standard as well. The figures are a very good likeness to the characters in the film which speaks volumes about the sculpting skills of the Perry Bros.

    1. Thank you Pat. The Perry's can really do amazing things with their character models. I like their rank and file as well but models like this are great to work with.


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