Thursday, January 08, 2015

Entry 12 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 28mm Celts

Another entry of Celts.  This starts off with ten more infantry.  This gives me 31 infantry so far, which sounds great until I realize I need a couple of hundred of these guys to complete the army.

Ten more Warlord plastic Celts.

These are the last of my sabot based Celt infantry for the Challenge.  I have more but they got a lick of paint pre-challenge so will have to wait.  I do have a bunch of Celts that will go on unit bases so those might get a look if I finish up everything else in the plan.

More Celts.  This one has a looted Roman helmet.
These are the last of the stickers.  I'm glad to see the back of those.

I would be OK with a few more shirts but at least the detail on these is good.

The next part of this entry is nine Celt medium cavalry.  The three command models are Warlord while the rest of the unit are Wargames Factory.

Nine Celt medium Cavalry.
The Warlord minis (in front above) are nice sculpts, though they have a GW amount of severed heads on them.  They are much nicer than the EIR Roman auxiliary cav I painted for last year's challenge.

Wargames Factory Celt cav.
The Wargames Factory sculpts are oddly posed and have very soft detail.  They are cheap fillers but I think they need at least two ranks of better models in front of them.  So, very much like their infantry.

The Chieftain had a nice big cloak so I did some free hand on it.  Nothing too fancy, but something to make him stand out.
The freehand on the cloak is just some repeating geometric patterns.  Not very Celtic but enough to make the cloak look more fancy than the rest of the troops.

The entire unit from the rear.
These were fairly quick to paint, though, counter intuitively, the Wargames Factory sculpts took longer because I was trying to compensate for the lack of detail with better painting.

I like the standard bearer throwing his javelin.
The standard bearer is the ancient equivalent of models firing rockets in Flames of War.  The light was all artificial since I'd lost the light by the time I had these guys done.  I'll do a group shot for the last unit and I'll make sure it's taken in proper daylight.

The Chieftain and standard bearer.
These models will give me some much needed striking power for this army.  I should only need three or four more units of these.  Sigh.


  1. Nice work on these Gauls! You really are in the painting zone, aren't you? Fantastic output! Joining the Challenge has kicked your painting into high gear.

    Well done!

    1. Thanks Jonathan. It really has lit a fire under me. I received those Celts today. They are wonderful. And I just noticed that BTD has extended their 50% off sale. I"ll be adding to these a bit. Thank you so much.

    2. Good to hear the figures made it to you and that you approve. BTD really make a lot of well sculpted and interesting figures. With the frequent sales, they are also inexpensive.

    3. The ones you sent will take pride of place in the front rank of my multi based warbands.

  2. They look fierce, so fierce...and beautiful, so beautiful!

    1. Thank you Phil. Fierce was the goal. Beautiful is just a nice benefit.


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