Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dwarf Artillery

Before the challenge started I finished up two dwarf artillery pieces. I'm not sure why I didn't wait for the Challenge and I also am not sure why I didn't paint the crews for them at the same time.

Dwarf Flame Canon

The first piece is a metal flame canon. This model has a ton of pipes and fittings and is a little too brittle for my tastes. I left off a couple of pieces that were breaking during painting, let alone gaming.

Rear/side view
The barrel on this is a fairly fantastic dragon. There is a large platform on the back for a crewman to stand on.

A view of the tanks/valves/pipes/fittings.
This is very dangerous in game, to both sides, if a bit short ranged.

The next piece is an organ gun.

The plastic organ gun.
This is the new plastic set that can be built as either an organ gun or a canon. I have a couple of the plastic canons from the starter set, so organ gun it is.

Rear view. Gears and cranks.
This is a fairly simple set. Easy to build and good looking. It stands very tall on a dwarf though. The bottom of the barrels is even with the top of their heads.

Side view.
These two pieces are more specialized than a canon but will give the dwarfs some interesting fire support.


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