Friday, December 30, 2016

Entry 3 - 7th Challenge - Eight ECW Pikemen

This next entry is finishing up two regiments from the last two Challenges. This is eight ECW pikemen, four for my green regiment and four for the blue regiment. 

Mostly Foundry but one Warlord.

My ECW regiments are made up of Warlord plastics. They are inexpensive and look good. I've also found that I like the plastic pikes as they are much less likely to draw blood in moments of carelessness.

The problem with the Warlord boxes is that they have horizontal pikes, which I hate. This means that I'm short the number I need for a full regiment. I, therefore, purchased some vertical pikes from Wargames Foundry to fill the lack.

All Foundry castings.
The Foundry models are just slightly smaller but not enough to notice. They are also much simpler so paint up more quickly. There are some weird spots on the faces and the hands but all in all, they do just fine for filling in the back ranks of the pike block.

The swords are also pretty badly cast. You can't see it well from this angle but from above they are something of a mess.

The blue regiment.
Here's the entire blue regiment, now complete. I clearly need to go in and super glue the sand mix down on the edge of some of these bases. I should also figure out how to make the flags less static.

The Green Regiment
The green regiment also complete. As I was taking the pictures I realized that one of the front rankers is missing his arms. It appears one the boys may have been playing with these.

Now that these two are complete I can work on another regiment of foot during the Challenge. I also have 12 more horse which should find their way onto the table during the next three months.


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