Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dwarf Thunderers - Ebay repaints

I recently spent some time on Ebay filling in some blanks in my Warhammer Dwarf army. While I was mainly looking for the elite infantry regiments I found a few deals on other models that I couldn't pass up.

This first regiment is ten of the metal Thunderers. I love these models and just had to have them when I saw them for a reasonable price.

The business end of Dwarfen fury.

There are four different sculpts in this set. Since I generally like to run my missile units in tens this is the perfect number. There are five firing and five at the ready.

The rear of the unit.
These were really badly packed and came completely chipped and defaced. This required a complete re-paint of the regiment.  This is the first time I've had an ebay buy that badly packed. On the other hand the price was a steal so I'm not too bothered with it.

Each of the four poses.
I like the dragon barrel, third from left, the best, except for the silly santa hat. The sniper scope is also very nice and could be pulled out for a character or for RPGs quite easily.

The rear shot. The Santa hat is more obvious in this one.
I don't really need any more Thunderers but, as I said, I love the sculpts so in they go. I am a fan of the plastic dwarfs for rank and file units but these metals are really lovely, an older style than the Dwarf lord from a couple of days ago, but still really nice.


  1. Will you enter these repaints into your painting challenge?

    1. Jonathan, since they were already partially painted and I didn't bother with re-stripping them I finished them off before the challenge. It will be the same story with the next unit, which is 20 warriors.


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