Saturday, December 31, 2016

Entry 4 - 7th Challenge - Eight RPG Characters

This next entry is eight RPG characters. These are mostly Bones but there's a couple of other manufacturers and one custom sculpt in here. I apologize for the smallness of some of these pictures. Either something odd is going on with my lenses or, more likely, I've forgotten how to take pictures. Most of the closeups did not come out.

Terry Jones

The first is a Gnome ranger from Reaper, I believe. Terry Jones is quite the straight man, delivering witting one liners as he romps through a dungeon.

There's a lot going on with this little guy.
Next up is the Ranger Arbach. He's the quiet, deadly sort. He's also a repaint. I finished him up last year but when I went to dull coat him it turned out I was holding a can of white primer instead.

Arbach the Ranger
This is a GW Ranger of the north. A very nice sculpt and hard to find these days.

Rear shot.
Arbach is the killer of the group, proficient both at range and in melee. He's been forced to tank due to the absence of more armored types.

Givney the goblin assassin.
This one is Givney. He's an NPC; a lowly goblin the party spared and who has turned into an absolute killing machine. As the DM I am ready for the little guy to die off since he keeps spoiling my big fights. He just won't die.

Givney is from Rebel Miniatures. They have a nice, small, run of goblin characters.

Next up is Anderman the Paladin. He's the one who spared Givney and has shown an alarming willingness to take the goblin's word for things.

The paladin is a Bones sculpt. The detail is hit or miss and the faces are almost always way too soft.

Next up is Peter the Tiefling rogue. Peter has secrets but does trust Arbach. He's quite adept in the dungeon and is very good at finding traps.

I'm not sure where this model is from. The player ordered it and I painted it for him. The pose is very dramatic, to be sure. This is a very slim model, much more fine boned than the others.

Next up is Kizmet the Drow warlock. She also has secrets but they may be a bit more harmful to the party than Peter's. They've already gotten the party locked up once.

This is another Bone model. I've done a bit of conversion on her. She as originally a Sci/Fi character with a coin and a pistol.

Next up is a Bones model that was heavily modified by the player. This is Tak an-Sik, a tiefling cleric. He's in a constant state of battle with his shield, which is also his holy symbol.

Tak has mixed luck with weapons and often ends up grappling with opponents since he is less likely to hurt his friends that way.

Last, and by all means least, is Algor Ithim, the gnomish warlock. Algor is terribly charismatic and universally disliked by his party. He natters on constantly about his scientific theories and drives everyone nuts. He's managed to come through in the clutch a couple of times but he also has secrets.

This is another Bones model. The detail is better than most on him.

So that's the lot for now. There's more on the table and they should be coming off soon. I tend to keep random models around for when I have some extra paint. RPG characters are perfect for that since they don't require uniformity and pretty much any extra will fit somewhere.

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