Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kings and Things

I was digging through more boxes from my parent's house and found this old gem in one of them. My sister, cousins and I played endless hours of this game as children. I bought it 1983 - I think.

It's a game from Games Workshop's early days. Nothing to do with Warhammer or role playing. It's pure odd fun. Killer puffins fight against Faeries under the command of Sir-Lance-A-Lot and Baron Munchausen.

There's Games Workshop's familiar logo, right on the box and everything.
The board is cardboard hexes which are randomly laid out. As kids we made variations on the game by changing the lay out of the board.

A small game for two.
It can handle up to four players. It's a war game but without too much in the way of tactics. This makes it something the kids can have a chance at winning while they are still developing that razor sharp tactical acumen that we adult wargamers possess (sarcasm based on some of my stupid tactical decisions on the tabletop).

Rhys is concentrating
The game was recently re-released, with nothing to do with GW. I haven't seen the new version, but if it's the same rules then it's well worth picking up to play with your kids.

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