Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dwarf Warrior Throng

This is another Ebay find. In addition to wanting one of each elite Dwarf regiment I wanted to fill out the ranks of the regulars. For this I needed more warriors and this regiment was another steal; $15 dollars for twenty, assembled and mostly primed.

A fully painted rank and file Dwarf Regiment. We're getting places now.

The previous owner had assembled them with the face masks on. I did not do this with my regiments so these guys will stand out a bit, which I'm good with.

More of a top down view.
Two of the back ranks have four of their models on single regimental bases (as GW called them). I'm fine with this as it will make setup easier without affecting casualty removal.

You can see the regiment base here.
They are in Dwarfish brown with blue accents. The steel usually has bronze accents on it.

They don't rank up really well.
These are pretty good models. My one gripe is the join for the front and back halves of the body. It's fairly noticeable, especially if you know it's there. Still, these are a finished regiment so they will be a welcome addition to this slowly growing army.


  1. $15 for 20 already assembled modeled seems a very good value to me.

    1. I thought so too. I probably would have bought them even if I didn't "need" them for that price.


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