Friday, December 23, 2016

Entry 2 - 7th Challenge - 1 Dwarf Lord

This entry is a single Dwarf Lord from GW. He was painted to accompany the two units and two artillery pieces that I finished right before the Challenge. The units were Ebay re-paints so wouldn't count and the artillery were sitting there mocking me and needed to be done.

I had not planned on painting this guy but I pulled him out to use in role playing and he is such a handsome model that I just had to throw him in.

His beard is truly massive, as is his axe. The helmet is amazing. The sculpting on the face is phenomenal and represents GW at its very best.

Great detail all around on this guy.
This is my first painted hero for the Dwarfs so at least I could play a small game of Kings of War or Warhammer with them now.

Close up of the helmet.

Sadly this picture is washed out and you can't see the incredible detail on his face. I need to figure out the balance between natural light and artificial that will allow me to take decent pictures.


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