Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Entry 1 - 7th Challenge - 12 Human Blood bowl players

My first entry for the year is one that I'm not even sure why I'm painting. This is my human blood bowl team from 3rd edition (? - I don't know Blood Bowl). They've been sitting in their box for five years. I found the box for a steal buried in a games store in Jacksonville NC. I have never played.

With the new edition out there is a lot of enthusiasm amongst the local gamers so that may change. Additionally, my friend Tony is moving back to Denver from New Zealand in May and has expressed an interest in playing. It's fun, from what I hear so I'll look forward to it.

The entire team. 

The models are fairly simple to paint. Not too much detail and only a couple of weirdly cast wonky spots.


There are six of these guys.
There are twelve models in total. Six of one sculpt and two each of three others. I haven't named the team or put numbers on them yet. I'm waiting for inspiration. I may need to play a couple of games before anything strikes me. Regardless, I'm prepared now when the opportunity presents itself.

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