Monday, February 06, 2012

New Army List I - The Betrayer’s Guard

I have been working on my Haradrim army lists using the new composition rules.  I'll post them here in separate posts.  There are some cool combinations with the new rules.  There are also some serious disappointments (I'm looking at you Mahud).  My model count goes way down, unless I'm just shooting for as many  models as I can by minimizing everything across the board. 

This first list is one that includes the Mahud.  It is very low model count, with not a lot to compensate for that.

The Betrayer is a tough sell.  I can't see taking a generic Nazgul in these lists because he can't lead a warband, so the cost of another hero has to be added on top of him.  I also didn't buy the Mordor book so I'm not sure what the rules are for them.  I don't like that his spells are harder to cast than Bob's (Bob the Budget Nazgul).  His special rule for poison is nice, doubling the chances of using it.  It seems to make sense to upgrade the bow warriors to Kharna warriors to get the 3/3 Shoot value.  They cost one point less than Watchers of Kharna, who are better because of two stat bumps.  On the other hand I don't have any Watcher models, so they are out.

Warband 4 is the hardest to swallow.  It's 96 points of beatdown, but also a big target for shooting.  One or two bad rounds and that's a lot of points gone.

Betrayer’s Guard
Warband 1
The Betrayer – 120
6x Abrakhan Merchant’s Guards – 48
3x Warriors w/Spear - 21
Warband 2
Taskmaster – 60
12x Warriors w/ Spear - 84
Warband 3
Chieftan w/ bow – 50
12x Warriors of Kharna w/bow - 120
Warband 4
Mahud Tribemaster – 50
2x Half Troll – 46

599 Points
39 Models
8 Might
Break Point - 20

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