Monday, February 06, 2012

New Army List III - The Levy of Abrakhan

This list goes back down to fewer models but addresses some of the other issues.  The horn bearer is upgraded to a warrior of Abrakhan.  This gives him courage 4.  With his horn that is C5.  This makes it much less likely that he will run away, depriving my whole army of the +1C.  I have the betrayer and a fair number of bows but they are not upgraded to Kharna bows, so they will not make full use of his re-rolls as they will miss more often.  I'm more comfortable with this breakpoint though.  

The Levy of Abrakhan
Warband 1
                The Betrayer - 120
                6 x Abrakhan Guard – 48
                1 x Haradrim Warrior of Abrakhan w/Horn - 27
Warband 2
                Haradrim Taskmaster - 60
                12 x Haradrim Warriors w/Spear - 84
Warband 3
                Haradrim Chieftan   - 45
                12 x Haradrim Warriors w/bow - 84
Warband 4
                Haradrim Chieftan - 45
                6 x Haradrim Warriors w/spear – 42
                6 x Haradrim Warriors w/bow – 42

600 Points
47 Models
8 Might
                Breakpoint - 24

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