Monday, February 20, 2012

More games with the new rules

I got two more games in with the new "Warbands" rules today.  I was playing against my cousin, who I am trying to get into the game.  He has played a few times, enough to remember most of the rules.  It has probably been a year since our last game though.

Both of us liked the changes.  I gave him my Gondor army.  Faramir, Cirion, Damrod and a captain.  He had 46 models, 14 rangers.  It was his first time playing something other than Isengard, which is the army I usually start new people out with.

He liked the new deployment rules.  He liked the scenarios.  I like everything about the changes except for being forced to take so many heroes and the nerf to my Mahud.  Overall, I can live with the changes and they seem to be transparent to new players.  With all of the attention that LotR should get this year that means we should have a lot of new players around.  Here's hoping.

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