Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting Progress

With all of those Romans on the way I need to get cracking on finishing up my Haradrim.  I finished six more today, the Abrakhan Merchant's Guards.  That leaves me with twelve archers, the hornblower and the heroes.  These guys need some touch ups, and the whole army will get highlights and such once they are all done.  I'm trying to get these to table top standard so that I don't have to feel ashamed to throw down at the shop.

I've been nervous about these guys because I'm still not sure how I'm going to do their flesh.  They are going to be dark skinned, but I have to play with it and figure out the recipe.  Since these guys have so much flesh on them, they will show any mistakes the most.  For now I got around that by just leaving them the basecoat color.
Group shot, I need more lights for photography.

Here's a Guard next to the hornblower.  The warriors from Abrakhan will all have blue turbans.  

A Guard next to a finished archer, just to show the contrasting colors schemes.
Any comments or criticism is welcome, as always.

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